Preserving and Advancing Women’s Rights

Michelle is more than just an ally or a reliable vote against the Republican War on Women. She brings a lifetime of experience and hands-on activism that prepared her to stand up to Republicans in Congress who are giving corporations more personal power and more personal freedoms than they’re giving women. Michelle will carry the torch for the future of our daughters.

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Jobs and the Economy

Michelle’s top priority in Congress is getting our economy moving and putting New Mexicans back to work. Michelle knows that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and will lead the way to recovery. Supporting business growth and fostering innovative entrepreneurial enterprises is key to developing a viable economy, an economy with responsible corporate citizens that provides good paying jobs in the near term and lays the foundation for a prosperous future.In Congress, Michelle will do and be an advocate for the following:

  • Work with small businesses to provide incentives for creating new jobs.
  • By investing in critical infrastructure, she believes we are investing in New Mexico’s middle class. From roads, bridges and schools to broadband for all New Mexicans to renewable energy, Congress can take the lead in setting priorities, incentivizing entrepreneurs, and getting people back to work. With smart, targeted investments, we can build the foundation for tomorrow’s prosperity today.
  • Finally, by supporting research and development, we can help our businesses become more competitive, promote green technologies to keep us on the cutting edge of renewable energy, and create the high tech jobs of tomorrow.

Click here to view Michelle’s statement about Getting the Middle Class Back on Track.

Safeguarding Seniors

Michelle has spent a lifetime standing up for seniors. She knows that across New Mexico, many of our neighbors and relatives rely on Social Security and Medicare to make ends meet and provide the health care they need. New Mexico’s seniors have paid their dues by contributing to these programs. They need know that Social Security and Medicare will be there for them. Michelle strongly opposes any effort to privatize Social Security and Medicare and believes we must ensure the solvency of these programs for the next generation without raising the retirement age or affecting benefit levels for current recipients.

  • Empower home caregivers. With the proper support, more seniors can continue to be active in their own communities and to be healthy in their own homes.
  • Pushing for tougher laws to crack down on financial crimes against seniors. Scam artists who defraud vulnerable seniors need to be brought to justice.

Fiscal Responsibility

As small business owner, Michelle knows how to balance budgets. Fiscal discipline is a matter of setting priorities and sticking to them. To that end, Michelle supports a balanced approach for getting America’s fiscal house in order. The federal government is going to have to start doing more with less but it must also demand more from those who have prospered over the last decade while so many New Mexicans have fallen behind. Through a combination of cutting wasteful spending, weeding out fraud in government programs, and revenue enhancements like ending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and subsidies for Big Oil, we can restore fiscal sanity to Washington.


As a mother of two daughters, Michelle knows how critical education is to creating a strong economy and preparing our children for the future. Competition for jobs is as fierce as ever. New Mexico’s students must compete for jobs not only with students from other states, but also Asia, South America, and the entire world. In Congress, she will work hard to support our public schools and expand educational opportunities for lifelong learning. By making this investment in education and enrolling more New Mexicans in our colleges, universities, and technical schools, New Mexico will be able to continue to have a workforce that makes our wonderful state competitive in keeping and bringing in new businesses and industries. From supporting (and keeping) good teachers to making sure class sizes are manageable to giving parents a greater role in their child’s education, Michelle will continue to be a strong voice for improving our schools.

Right to Choose

The right to choose has been a fundamental right enjoyed by women for more than two generations. But today that right is more tenuous than it has ever been in the last four decades because of repeated attempts by this Congress to turn back the clock on women and families. Michelle is life-long supporter of women’s reproductive rights. She will stand strong against attacks on the right to choose, women’s health care, and Planned Parenthood. Michelle has co-sponsored legislation to overturn the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

Restoring Our Democracy

Michelle believes our electoral system is broken and the disproportionate influence of corporate money on our campaigns and elections is destroying our democracy. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, corporate special interests are spending unprecedented amounts of money to drown out the voices of regular people. In Congress, Michelle is an original cosponsor of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision and supports passage of the DISCLOSE Act.

In addition, Michelle has sponsored legislation that would prohibit tax-exempt social welfare organizations, known as 501(c)(4)s, and who don’t have to disclose their donors, from engaging in political campaign activity. These organizations used a loophole in the law and the Citizens United decision to spend more than $250 million  on political campaigns in 2012.


New Mexico is home to pristine land, natural beauty, and world-class energy resources. Michelle’s New Mexico values and deep roots in the state have taught her to appreciate our natural resources and fight to protect our clean air, quality water and our land. Michelle has the experience and energy to end the gridlock in Washington and stand up to corporate polluters who need to do more to reduce greenhouse gas.As the home to both Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico is uniquely situated to become the nationwide leader in the development of Clean Energy Technologies. In Congress, Michelle has championed the development of clean energy technologies to protect the planet, our citizens and grow the economy of New Mexico. She is also a strong advocate for environmental concerns that affect the public health of our citizens.